About Us

Awareness about circular economy is gaining momentum in the recent years. Sharing of experiences on this subject is critical.

With this in mind, a WhatsApp group named 'Circular Economy' was founded by Dr Prasad Modak to discuss various topics related to a circular economy, particularly in the context of India.

The WhatsApp group consists of 90+ members who have a good understanding on the topic of circular economy through years of learning and experience.

Membership to this group is to be applied. Visit "Become a member" on this website and fill up the form. 

For every week, Dr. Prasad Modak, sets a discussion topic. At the end of each month, the discussions are summarised and uploaded under the 'Discussion Summaries' section on this website.

In addition to that, relevant media resources shared on the group are uploaded under the ‘Resources’ section of this website.

Please note that by becoming a member, you are not admitted to the WhatsApp group but can only take advantage of the resources compiled and the discussion summaries produced.